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The Parkinson's Connection

For people with Parkinson's and their care partners

It's time to connect with others in your local Parkinson's community. Come for the fun and games.  Stay for the camaraderie, the motivation, the inspiration, and the joy.

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Starting April 5, 2023


1:00-3:00 pm

Norman P. Murray Center

24932 Veterans Way

Mission Viejo, CA



Whether it be brain games or card games,  Ping Pong or Pictionary, the ultimate goal is to connect and  have fun.  Have a game that you love? Tell us about it and maybe we can work it into our plans.


Arts and Crafts

Love to paint? Feeling creative? Want to learn something new? Step out of your comfort zone and jump into an activity you have never tried.  You may surprise yourself.



I often hear people with Parkinson's say that they learn more from others with Parkinson's than they do from their doctors. You may have questions or you may be the one with the answers. Come hang out with others on the same journey and enlighten each other.

We are better together.


Why hang out?

The National Institute on Aging reports that social isolation and loneliness are linked to higher risks of many illnesses including cognitive decline and depression.  The CDC has reported that social isolation is associated with a  50% increase in dementia. Add the recent isolation forced by the Covid pandemic and a Parkinson's diagnosis on top of all that and you have a recipe for worsening health.  Dr. Indu Subramanian, a Movement Disorder specialist from UCLA, notes that loneliness in Parkinson's disease may lead to symptom severity.  She states, "the negative impact of loneliness on symptom severity is as large as the positive impact of exercise."

Fortunately, we have lots of exercise programs in Orange County but there is a lack of opportunity for people with Parkinson's and their care partners to just get together, to shoot the hang out.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at the City of Mission Viejo and the Norman P. Murray Center, we now  have a place to hang out.

Our activities are chosen to work your brain, enhance your skills and boost your mood! If you have Parkinson's or care for someone with Parkinson's, please stop by and say hi and maybe you will feel like pulling up a chair, trying something new and meet new friends.