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Meet Karen Skipper

Parkinson's Music Therapist

Karen Skipper is a Board Certified Music Therapist and the director of the Orange County Tremble Clefs. The Tremble Clefs is a therapeutic singing group that serves people with Parkinson's.  Karen's goals for her group are to:

  • Enhance and maintain vocal and physical skills through vocal exercise and movement
  • Promote interaction and communication within the Parkinson's community: caregivers and family as well as patients
  • Share music with others and promote a better understanding of Parkinson's disease.

It would be difficult to find one of Karen's clients who doesn't love singing with her group.  When her group shows up to an event, you can feel the joy in the room.  They truly show that music is not only good for the body and mind but the soul as well.  Karen demonstrates a passion for helping those with Parkinson's not only by leading the Tremble Clefs but by frequently speaking at support groups.  Her passion is obvious when you hear her.

Most recently, due to the Covid crisis, Karen has taken her group online which has enabled even more people with Parkinson's to join in from all over the world.  You can get more information at or email Karen at

"We look forward to singing with you."

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