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The Parkinson’s Wellness Fund (PWF) is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to individuals with Parkinson's who may not have access to the services they need or would benefit from.  The PWF’s goal is to be the bridge between a family in need and the provider.  The PWF is funded through tax-deductible donations to the Fund while those who need assistance can apply for a grant for their needs.  All donations to the PWF through the South Orange County Parkinson’s Support Group will be specifically and fully disbursed to residents of Orange County who are requesting help.
An example of one use of funds is Rock Steady Boxing, which is a wonderful exercise program for people with Parkinson’s. And though it is not that costly, it is nevertheless still beyond the budget of some. The PWF will assist those who qualify to be able to get the benefits that this program provides. Another example is to assist someone with Parkinson’s who may need but cannot fully afford a wheelchair or walker.

Please consider a gift to the PWF.   Keep in mind that all donations by our contacts will be used in Orange County.  With your gift we can help people  live a better life while living with Parkinson’s. If you decide to join us  in assisting those in the Parkinson’s community we promise it will be put to good use.
Your generosity is appreciated.

You can read more about the Parkinson's Wellness Fund here.

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