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Newly Diagnosed with Parkinsons?

If you are newly diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, you may be feeling overwhelmed and not know where to turn.  You are not alone. We encourage you to connect with someone else in your local Parkinson's community.  It may help to talk to someone else going through the same thing. Some newly diagnosed people want to join a support group right away and others won't even consider it.  Don't hesitate to contact us and we can put you in touch with someone to talk to, either in a group or one on one.  We are not doctors or therapists, but people with Parkinson's and we are all in the same fight.  There are things you may be able to do to fight back and live better in spite of your PD. The information below highlights some of the things you can do to take charge of your health and live well with Parkinson's.

A Note From the Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance

This is often the toughest time. There’s no getting around it, and we’re sorry you have to wrestle with this truth. No one asks for this. We know that. You’ll never forget the day you hear the diagnosis. As you move through the clouds, all those thoughts and feelings, remember to give yourself a little more

A Note From Dr. Sarah King

"If I could turn back the clock and write a letter to every single one of my clients on the day they were diagnosed with Parkinson's, this is what it would say."

Parkinsons diagnosis

Where do I Start with Exercise?

Exercise is medicine and this rings especially true for the person with Parkinson's.  What should your exercise plan look like? Physical therapist Claire McLean will take you through your ideal exercise plan in this free video series.

Resources for those Newly Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease

Online Parkinson's School with Dr. Laurie Mischley

Learn about topics such as medication, nutrition, gut health, exercise, supplements, lab work and more.





The New Parkinson's Disease Treatment Book

This book, written by Dr. J. Eric Ahlskog gives a thorough explanation of Parkinson's and its diagnosis, symptoms and treatments.

Ending Parkinson's Disease

This book, written by Dr. Ray Dorsey, Dr. Michael Okun, Dr. Baas Bloem and Dr. Todd Sherer is a must read and a call to action for anyone affected by Parkinson's Disease.

Every Victory Counts

Every Victory Counts is a comprehensive manual that can answer many of your PD questions.  You can download the digital version or order a hard copy at no charge from the Davis Phinney Foundation.

Parkinson's Wellness Fund

The Parkinson's Wellness Fund helps those with Parkinson's pay for out of pocket PD related expenses.

Patient Emergency Kit

The Parkinson's Foundation offers a free Aware in Care kit which contains tools and resources to help people with Parkinson's during a hospital stay.  You can order your kit online.