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Neurologists/Movement Disorder Specialists (MDS)

According to the Michael J. Fox Foundation,  a movement disorder specialist is a neurologist with specific training in the subspecialty of movement disorders. Movement disorders specialists typically follow a greater number of patients with movement disorders, and are thus more experienced in the use of the various medications (and their combinations) as compared to a general neurologist, internist or general practitioner.


Mindy Bixby DO, MDS   Laguna Hills

Karen Cheng MD   Laguna Hills

Khashayar Dashtipour MD, PhD, MDS   Newport Beach

Joey Gee DO.  Mission Viejo

Neal Hermanowicz MD, MDS  Irvine

Thomas Ludema MD  Aliso Viejo

Ken Martinez MD   Aliso Viejo

Anna Morenkova MD, MDS.  Irvine

Carolyn Neff MD.   Kaiser

Christina Nguyen MD   Fountain Valley

Thong Nguyen MD   Fountain Valley

Mayank Pathak MD    Fountain Valley

Farzin Pedouim MD, MDS  Newport Beach

Nicolas Phielipp MD, MDS    Irvine

Saulena Shafer DO, MDS    Newport Beach

Theodore Teacher MD       Mission Viejo

Sandeep Thakkar DO, MDS   Newport Beach

Daniel Truong MD, MDS     Fountain Valley

Kong Truong MD    Fountain Valley

Ronak Vora DO, MDS   Mission Viejo



Ajay Ananda MD    Kaiser

Christopher Duma MD  Newport Beach

Frank Hsu MD, PhD    Irvine

Alex Taghva MD    Mission Viejo