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"Research can not progress without the participation of the people with the disease."

If you are interested in learning about clinical trials in your area, here are some sites to check.

Participate in research from home

CAM Care- Dr. Laurie Mischley from Bastyr University, "This simple study is designed to describe the people with PD who are in the best shape 20 years after diagnosis. Over 1,500 individuals have already enrolled in this study (target 5000). Every 6 months they tell us how/ what they're doing and we write code that allows us to identifiy the behaviors associated with faster/ slower progression."

Fox Insight - Online surveys. Fox Insight easily collects self-reported data about health experiences from those with and without Parkinson's in a number of ways.

PD GENEration - The Parkinson's Foundation offers free genetic testing and counseling which can be done virtually.

Rare Patient Voice - Once registered, you will receive emails with opportunities as they come up for online surveys, focus groups.  Your time  often compensated.