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Take the Challenge

by Lauren Simmons

We are now into month five of Covid related lockdowns and restrictions. How are you doing with it?  The doctors and scientists tell us to stay home to stay safe but we have also been taught that socialization and new activities are good for our brain, so what are we to do? Unfortunately, Parkinson's doesn't stop just because we are stuck at home. We still need to keep our bodies and brains active.

What is challenging you right now?

So what have been your biggest challenges during quarantine?  Are you getting enough exercise? Missing hugs from grandchildren and friends? Did you have to cancel summer travel plans? This is definitely a Parkinson's challengechallenging time and it may continue for a while so we need to do  something to stay well physically, mentally, and  socially.  We challenge you to add one new activity this month. (We dare you to try two). Try a new online exercise class, or learn a new skill like painting or knitting. There are a multitude of instructional videos online. Maybe you can join an online bookclub or cook a new recipe each week. How about schedule an hour a day to walk a new trail or in a new park? You could learn a new card game.  You can even play card games online.  Maybe you could play them with those grandchildren you are missing.

It's time to take the challenge!

Check out some of the ideas below.  When you talk to friends and they ask what you have been up to, dazzle them with your new interests and impress them with your enthusiasm. You can do this!  Join us in stepping outside our comfort zone. Take the challenge!  Don't forget to let us know what you are doing.  Maybe some of us would like to try the same thing that you are trying.  You can comment below or let us know on our Facebook page.  Let's leave that comfort zone behind and get started.

Brain Exercises

Hand Exercises

Join Tremble Clefs Singing Group

Learn to Line Dance with RX Ballroom Dance

Learn to Watercolor

Beginning Knitting

Hearts, Pinochle or Bridge?  Try some online card games.


  1. pdbuzz

    I’m hearing so many great things that everyone is doing…restoring a car, getting certified to teach yoga, learning a new language, starting Brain HQ to just name a few!

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